Favorite Rom-Coms by State
February 6, 2024
Favorite Rom-Coms by State


Diving into America's favorite rom-coms is like flipping through a well-loved photo album of the heart. Every state has its own crush, and boy, do the choices say a lot about us! PR Hub sought to see which romantic comedies have been stealing hearts from California to Maine and everywhere in between.

Through our research, we found a sweet mixtape of classics and newbies that have us either reaching for tissues or doubling over in laughter. It's a cozy blanket of films that cover everything from love at first sight to the hilarious pitfalls of dating.

  • "Pretty Woman" and "When Harry Met Sally..."? They're the oldies but goodies, proving that some love stories are forever young, charming viewers in loads of states with their timeless sparkle.
  • Then there's "Clueless," the queen of teen rom-coms, still reigning supreme in places where fashion meets fast wit.
  • And let's not forget "Bridget Jones's Diary," hitting the right notes for anyone who’s ever faced a romantic mess (so, basically all of us) with a big ol' grin.
  • Got a taste for tales with a twist? "The Princess Bride" and "Your Place or Mine" sprinkle some extra magic, showing off the quirky side of love that keeps things interesting.

So, whether you're into grand gestures or giggles, there's a rom-com out there that's got your back, America. Let's roll the credits and dive in!

Favorite Rom-Coms by State


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