Most Popular Gas Station
January 1, 2024
Most Popular Gas Station


The fuel industry plays an undeniably crucial role in the overall economic landscape of the United States, providing the necessary energy for individuals and businesses to operate in their daily ventures. The most integral component of this industry is the nation's network of gas stations, strategically strewn across every state, from the bustling cities to the most remote rural areas. These convenient beacons have grown to be more than just refueling points; many have evolved into mini retail hubs, providing a range of services and goods, from food and beverages to car care products. 

Leveraging public data, we have managed to identify the most popular gas stations in each state, based on factors like customer reviews, number of locations, and prices among others. The findings delineated a diverse market, with regional and national brands competing fiercely for customer loyalty.

Key findings from the data include: 

  • Chevron is the most popular gas station in seven states including California, New Mexico, Utah, and Idaho, making it one of the most preferred in the United States.
  • 7-Eleven was the top pick in populous states like Florida, Virginia, and Maryland.
  • For certain states like Pennsylvania, "Wawa" emerged as a local favorite while "Buc-ee's" dominated Texas and Kentucky. 
  • Midwest states such as Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Minnesota, harbor a strong preference for "Casey’s General Stores". 
  • BP, despite being a British multinational oil and gas company, found favor among several north-central and northeastern states, including Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, and Massachusetts. 

These findings underscore the fact that consumer preferences can diverge greatly based on location, demographics, and services offered within the stations, representing a complex, yet fascinating panorama of the functioning fuel industry across the United States.

Top 5 Gas Stations by State


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